Thursday, 17 June 2010

Girl Tattoo - Where to Find Girl Tattoo Designs

Finding a strong, feminine tattoo may seem difficult but there are many avenues you can research and discover the ideal girl tattoo for you. Here's some great outlets for finding the best tattoo:

1. Female tattoo artist. You can go straight to the source by visiting a tattoo parlor which has a female artist employed. She can provide you with many ideas from former girls she has tattooed as well as give you her views personally on what makes a strong, feminine, girl tattoo. She likely will have some photo books you can browse through as well.

2. Tattoo magazines featuring women. Now days many of the tattoo magazines will have featured tattoos which are worn by women. This can give you a further idea of not only what is out there, but what other girls are getting. It can be very inspiring as well seeing some great ink on gals. Especially if you are hesitant about getting inked, some of the women featured in the magazines are heavily inked, which can ease your nerves a bit knowing there are many tattooed women out there.

3. Tattoo Gallery Online. There are tattoo galleries you can join right on the internet where you'll have access to literally hundreds of amazing designs, easy to browse through repeatedly in the comfort of your own home. You'll definitely find some great girl tattoo's. This can be a good way to view the latest and highest quality designs available without having to leave the house. All the designs are able to be printed out, so that when you find your ideal girl tattoo, you can bring it straight to the parlor and have it inked on.

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