Thursday, 12 March 2009

When I go Loco ... !!

Alot of people ask me, why am I always so serious ? Some even tell me that I look scary !! Hahaha !! Well, I can be serious when I want to be and I can go Loco when I want to be....

So, here we go... This is "Hallucinating Elevators"..... Am sorry SARAH !! I had to do this !!

When Pain turns to someone else's Pleasure....

Pain is Temporary...Maybe?

I love this shot...So much emotions

And... I went LOCO !!

Shake on that, Sarah !!

The Session was over for that night, but not MINE !!

Gimme the Pussy !! Hahaha !!

I know I look like a Faggot !! So, What? Gonna bite me?

There are many pictures taken that night which are kinda too explicit for viewers. That explains why I am not even wearing my shirt.... So, we can go LOCO !! Beautiful Night it was.

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