Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Old English Tattoo Letter

Some tattoo fonts that we can see are big ones, designed to be more visible. Most of them used the old English font for these big letters. Monograms are also very common tattoo font. Together with two or three letters that usually stand for initials forms the design. Other commonly used tattoo fonts are the icy or snowy fonts to reflect coolness. The opposite fiery or flaming fonts are also popularly used.

In most cases, tattoo fonts are used to form words such as names or letters as initials of a significant person. Some intricate details can be made on this single letters as a tattoo design. Usually, couples that are dating or married like this type of tattoo font.

Old English tattoo lettering is eye-catching and makes a cool statement, but if you'd prefer something less noticeable, why not try a thin, elegant script, Tattoo Gallery: cross tattoo with Old English letter S, Tattoo Gallery: cross tattoo. Cross tattoo with an Old English letter

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