Saturday, 10 January 2009

Singapore Tattoo Convention

(Uploaded on April 15) Here are the pictures from the Singapore Tattoo Convention 2009 !! Finally huh? Hahaha !!

Please note that this was back in January 2009. Lots of things have changed since then. For now, I will keep it under suspense until I update you guys on my Blood, Sex & Ink Tour

Chris Garver from Miami Ink

Bob Tyrrell - The Legend !!

Kim and Chris Garver

Bob and I, Checking out some machines..

Cecilia came to touch up her tattoo before going to the convention... VAIN !!

Paul Booth !! Holding my artwork to him.. Wasssup !!

Shane and I

Daphne and I ( Some asshole will try to steal this picture too )

My Canvases !!

Ladies Representing Immortal Tattoos !!

Cecilia trying to pose with Carlston, but I guess its not working... Haha !!

Thats all Folks !!

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