Sunday, 20 June 2010

Stingray Tattoo Picture

A stingray tattoo design on this person's shoulder, upper back. It's done in black/gray ink with a shadow to give it some depth. The tessellation indicates this is a freshwater spotted stingray.

Meaning: the stingray is associated with stealth, speed (as in the Stingray muscle car), danger (due to its poisonous tail), and friendliness (due to that it is a favorite in petting pools).

Squirrel Tattoo Picture

Awesome upper arm tattoo design of an acorn, squirrel, mushrooms and flourishes. Done in black/navy blue ink. The style makes it appear to be a papercutting design.

Meaning: the squirrel is associated with cuteness, industry, determination (as in have you ever seen how mad crazy persistent they can be to get in a bird feeder), fun-loving, accumulating (as in to squirrel away).

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Arm Skull tattoo design

Arm  Skull tattoo

Cute Temporary Tattoo-Cool Arm Skull tattoo design

Tattoo for little kids

Cute Temporary Small Lovers  Tattoo

Cute Temporary Tattoo for little kids

Lovers' Cute Tribal Dragon

Cute  small Tribal Dragon TattooLovers' Cute Tribal Dragon Tattoo on hand

foot flower tattoo

foot flower tattoo

Chimonathus Praecox Tattoos

Foot Chimonathus Praecox Tattoos designs

flower skull tattoo

Foot Tattoo Designs: flower skull tattoo

Anime With girl Tattoo

Anime With girl Tattoo

Exotic Zodiac Signs Tattoos

Ridding yourself of the usual and daily boring life can be quite difficult and even impossible for some. Some people may not know any means of how to spice up either their stagnant and plain attitude or their colorless and dull exterior. Are you one of these people? Or perhaps, you might be the type of person who frequently consults the stars and constantly asks for divine intervention? Well, ask no more as the answer to your prayers is definitely just around the corner! Want to know what it is? The thing you might be looking for is what you call - Zodiac signs tattoos!

For thousands of years, the ancient people of the world believed that the stars and all the heavenly bodies brought about the destiny and fortune of everyone. Almost every single constellation seen in the skies were given meaning and interpretation to help guide the people to the right path. As time passed, these people created the zodiac. The zodiac has two forms depending on its origin. The first form is the western form in which it consists of the 12 signs namely: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. On the other hand, the other form is the Chinese zodiac which consists of the 12 animals which represents each year namely: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig.

No matter what type of zodiac signs tattoos you get, you are surely going to have a lot of fun and memories with it. Most people particularly of the western hemisphere who do get this kind of tattoo design usually go for the western zodiac and get their own zodiac sign rather than another and the same goes for people of eastern descent, they mostly get the zodiac they were born in rather than someone else' zodiac sign.

It is important to take note however that the procedure of getting a tattoo whatever design it may be can prove to be quite painful and stingy to almost all first-timers. This is because of the method of using extremely pointed and sharp needles to prick into the surface of the skin continuously until the indelible ink reaches its final destination which is the dermis layer of the skin. This is vital because those inks that fail to be embedded into the dermis layer usually result to a not so permanent color meaning it will fade away in no time. Indelible ink that is on the other hand correctly placed in the dermis layer of the skin will have permanence and will not come off even with daily wear and tear and washing.

Also, it is vital that you not just get a tattoo from anyone. You must be really sure that you get a tattoo from an expert and respectable one. After all, you do not want to get hurt... much! Go for a clean and well-managed tattooing station or area, this will help you get an idea of how good their resident tattoo artists are.

Cross Tattoo Designs

Cross tattoo has been around for years and has never lost its appeal even up to the present day. The reason being is its universal meaning plus the powerful significance it can convey. It generally is a representation of one's spiritual beliefs and faith.

Aside from being a religious symbol, it is also use as in loving memory tattoo, also known as RIP tattoo. Sometimes, symbols like heart, banner and flowers are combined along with the name of the dead person and the death date. The cross is tattooed as a memory of a loved one who passed away as if serving as a gravestone on one's body.

This type of body art comes in many forms. It was a favorite among the old school type of tattoos patronized by bikers, seaman and merchants. It can be seen combined with other elements such as skull, star, flames, dagger, rose, heart and banner.

Celtic cross is another popular cross tat design which is a representation of Irish, Scottish or Welsh heritage. It is easily identifiable as it is interwoven with Celtic knot which is a symbol of the never ending cycle of life. Some tat enthusiasts also choose to incorporate tribal art into their tattoo design while some choose the Gothic style of cross tat.

The Christian cross tattoo is the most popular form that is meant to symbolize one's faith in God. It can be in the form of Latin cross (simple cross) or in the form of crucifix bearing Christ's image while he was being crucified. It can also be combined with other religious images such as the angel, the rosary, image of Mary and Jesus Christ.

The symbol of cross as a tat image is usually inked small, perhaps to retain the sincerity of their symbolism. It is usually seen on small parts of the body such as the ankle, foot, wrist, upper back and arm. Cross tattoo, with its wide appeal and holy implications will always remain as a tat image that will be around for more years to come.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Tribal Tattoo Designs For Guys and Girls - Finding the Superb Artwork

Finding tribal tattoo designs for guys and girls can be somewhat of a difficult task. Most people want the best tribals they can find, but the web seems to be bloated with so much lackluster, generic artwork. You wouldn't believe how many people rush into their decision and end up getting something inked that they end up hating. To bypass a lot of the uninspiring content out there, you will need to know a couple of must needed tips.

First, I want to tell you what many people so wrong when looking for tribal tattoo designs. The internet can be a maze and sometimes it's hard to find your way to the finish line. This is very true when it comes to the word of search-engines, which is what you most likely are using to find the websites with tattoos. They tend to only pull up stagnant, old websites that are filled with so much generic, cookie-cutter artwork.

Not only that, but search-engines are weak at even showing you any top notch websites at all when it comes to tattoos. It's unfortunate that they are not more of a help. All that seems to pop up are the same generic websites that have artwork that is somewhere around eight years old. That's not even the half of it, though. A good percentage of the tattoo designs they have were not even drawn to be implemented as real tattoos! Just thinking about that makes me exhausted. Picking one of those tribal tattoo designs means that you have a very real chance of it not looking anywhere near as good inked on your skin as it looked on the paper you printed the design on. They are defective in that the artist had no intentions of it being made into tattoos, so he didn't draw it that way.

There are websites out there that have truly great tribal tattoo designs that were specifically drawn to be made into tattoos. You can find them through the use of internet forums. You have most likely encountered a lot of setbacks when trying to find quality artwork, so forums will be a breath of fresh air. They are filled with thousands of subjects on tattoos and many of them have posts and links to the hidden websites out there that are sizzling with original, quality artwork.

It's a great way to stay away from a lot of the wretched tribal tattoo designs that are floating around the internet. People are tired of running into the same uninteresting tribal tattoo designs for guys and girls and forums are filled with the people who have found where the real artwork is.

Phoenix Tattoo Design

As a tattoo design, the phoenix is probably the most visually spectacular form of body art.

The legend of the phoenix bird is known throughout the world, and has its origins in much of Europe, Middle East and Far East.

The basic symbolism of the phoenix is resurrection and rebirth by fire.

Although the legend is the same worldwide, there are subtle differences.

Greek Legend

According to ancient Greek legends, the phoenix bird lived in Arabia next to a watering well. At dawn, it would bath and the Greek sun god Apollo would stop his chariot specifically to listen to its song.

Lebanese Legend

The Lebanese claim the phoenix as central to their culture, whether it is ancient or modern. As descendants of the Phoenicians, they see themselves as "Sons of the Phoenix". This legend holds particular significance to Beirut, which was destroyed and rebuilt 7 times in its history.

Persian Legend

In Persian legends, the phoenix is known as Huma or the 'bird of paradise'. This bird consumed itself in a ball of fire only to rise again from the ashes. It was considered a bird of compassion, and would bring great fortune by a simple touch.

Egyptian Legend

In ancient Egypt, the legend was known as bennu. This bird created itself from fire emanating from a holy tree. It was believed that this bird carried the soul of Ra the sun god.

Jewish Legend

Jewish legends state the phoenix was the only bird or animal for that matter not to follow man in his banishment from Paradise (Garden of Eden)

Chinese and Japanese legends

In Chinese legends, the phoenix was known as "Fenghuang". This bird is the second most respected legendary creature. Only the dragon is more respected. The phoenix is used to represent the empress and was as the leader of birds.

The Japanese word for phoenix is "Fushichō". It is known as "Immortal Bird".

The phoenix holds a rich diversity of meanings and beliefs, not to mention a beautiful design for body art.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Disney Tattoos

Wonderful classic cartoon Disney tattoos.
Various Disney tattoos on back.
Disney castle with Tinkerbell tattoo.
Micky Mouse Disney tattoo.
Disney Alice in Wonderland tattoo.
Disney Peter Pan tattoo.

Animated Tattoos

Pictures of animated tattoos.
Animated tattoo of Mario and crew.
Animated Hello Kitty tattoo.
Animated M&M tattoo.
Animated Pinky and the Brain tattoo.
Animated Simba tattoo.

Cartoon Tattoos

Is there anything more appealing than getting tattoo of your favorite childhood cartoon icon. Checkout these cartoon tattoos below.
Assortment of cartoon tattoos.
Bart, Bugs and Mr Peanut tattoos.
Transformers cartoon tattoo.
Roger rabbit cartoon tattoo.
Chester cheetah cartoon tattoo.
Betty Boop cartoon tattoo.
Bam Bam cartoon tattoo.
Taz cartoon tattoo.

Sexy Tattoo Ideas For Girl - The Best Way to Sexy tattoos are more than just any ordinary

Sexy tattoos are more than just any ordinary things. They are fashion accessories that are complete feminine thing and will never go out of style. They bring a feel of Sophistication to the girls having them.Sexy tattoo ideas for girls are very appealing and alluring.

Compared to men, women have much smaller and delicate bodies and that is why areas are recommended on a women's body on which the tattoo will look very beautiful. The best place to get a tattoo is the lower back area as the tattoo is not bothered much, this area is known for its gentle curve and it provides the best place for a lengthwise spiraling Celtic design, a growing vine and other designs like butterflies, fairies, flowers and shooting stars tend to look good on the lower back area. A women's ankle is one place where a tattoo will look beautiful and very sexy, it can be shown off with a nice pair of open sandals or can concealed too, tattoos like the koi fish, birds or even small dolphins have an amazing effect, fairies too, give a perfect tattoo just the right way. The inner wrist is a place to show a sexy design like the Zodiac signs which will be up to date always and the tattoo can never be an out statement ever. Another place to have a perfect tattoo is the upper back where designs like the fairy Tinkerbelle tattoo that is sprinkling her magic dust, and even gecko tattoo design are the one of the best to have.One thing about women is they can never go wrong with tattoos and designs like butterflies and flowers as these designs always give inspiration. The othergreat ideas for tattoos are the tribal designs which are great adding the loops, edges, Primal lines and designs based on the Polynesian, American Indian Maori designs, Kanji designs and animals like dolphins, fish and swallows also make a perfect tattoo.

The most important rule while having a tattoo is to choose a place where, after some years, the skin will not sag and disrupt the tattoo specially tattoos in the stomach area and the areas where there is rigorous contact between the clothes and the skin.

These tattoos are Colorful and very artistic. they have a futuristic feel to it and look amazing when done very beautifully on women.

Girl Tattoo - Where to Find Girl Tattoo Designs

Finding a strong, feminine tattoo may seem difficult but there are many avenues you can research and discover the ideal girl tattoo for you. Here's some great outlets for finding the best tattoo:

1. Female tattoo artist. You can go straight to the source by visiting a tattoo parlor which has a female artist employed. She can provide you with many ideas from former girls she has tattooed as well as give you her views personally on what makes a strong, feminine, girl tattoo. She likely will have some photo books you can browse through as well.

2. Tattoo magazines featuring women. Now days many of the tattoo magazines will have featured tattoos which are worn by women. This can give you a further idea of not only what is out there, but what other girls are getting. It can be very inspiring as well seeing some great ink on gals. Especially if you are hesitant about getting inked, some of the women featured in the magazines are heavily inked, which can ease your nerves a bit knowing there are many tattooed women out there.

3. Tattoo Gallery Online. There are tattoo galleries you can join right on the internet where you'll have access to literally hundreds of amazing designs, easy to browse through repeatedly in the comfort of your own home. You'll definitely find some great girl tattoo's. This can be a good way to view the latest and highest quality designs available without having to leave the house. All the designs are able to be printed out, so that when you find your ideal girl tattoo, you can bring it straight to the parlor and have it inked on.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Rose Tattoo

Choosing the Right Rose Tattoo for you

Roses have become a symbol for many things, in many cultures around the world Rose Tattoofor centuries. One of the most popular ways to display images of roses, a tattoo on the skin. Whatever the meaning behind the rose tattoo?

Rose color is important for their meaning. If you want to include increased to a tattoo, make sure you choose the right color. color will be determined by that role in the development of roses. Many of the projects there, which includes roses, or perhaps you want to go with his rose tattoo designs.

If you choose red roses for your tattoo design should be something to do with 1 or 1, that you love that you loved and lost. Many people do not realize that the red rose became a shining symbol of love. You do not want to put red roses Rose Tattooin a tattoo, which have nothing to do with the theme of love.

If you use the yellow roses in a tattoo, you should remember that yellow is a symbol of unwavering friendship, when it comes to roses. In the early days, yellow is used to denote very jealous, but it has changed over the years means good friends remain best friends forever. Save this in mind when choosing the type of tattoo you want roses.

For women, getting a tattoo of pink roses would be appropriate. This is because young red roses signify passion for feminism and women. If you choose roses in pink, you say that you are still young and reckless and female. You choose the type of roses and the color does not make much sense.

If you see a tattoo with a big purple roses in full bloom, Rose Tattooremember that roses send a message to you. Purple rose or lavender send a message to the charm that we should go on preventive measures. Bloom open wide and profoundly sincere gratitude means little, while a new and closed rose mean young.

Many people have rose tattoo on the body structure. Types of roses that you choose for your tattoo should be significant and relevant to the rest of your life, whether it be about someone else or something else. You'll have a rose tattoo permanently shut down, and its meaning as well. By Swati Rosemary

Cartoon Owl Tattoos

Checkout these beautiful cartoon owl tattoos.
Cartoon owl with key tattoo.
Cartoon owl with big eyes tattoo.
Cartoon owl on skull tattoo.
Cartoon owl with star eyes tattoo.

Cartoon Frog Tattoos

Pictures of cartoon frog tattoos.
Cartoon singing frog from looney toons tattoo.
Cartoon frog with crown tattoo.
Cartoon frogs speak, see and hear no evil.
Big cartoon frog with kings crown.
Small smoking cartoon frog tattoo.