Thursday, 30 April 2009

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Straightedge Toast

This guy maybe has my favorite bad tattoos of all time. Ever. Period.
Possibly because I have a real soft spot for straight edge tattoos and punk/hc tattoos, possibly because they are just hilarious.

Description from the horse's mouth below:

All my friends have toast tattoos, because when you're poor and dumpster for your food bread is always readily available - it's this thing that kinda unifies us at this point in our lives. The Earth Crisis theme came about when some silly hardline XVX kids were staying at this punk house and talking about how belittling a band with serious issues is a bad thing, and how EC was cool and really helped push ideas into hardcore, and then they started insulting the people who lived at that house by degrading them and saying they had bad views, even making someone get near the verge of crying because she ate sparingly fish.

I realized that the lyrics for the beginning of Firestorm worked really well with toast (the original lyrics for those who don't know are "Street by street/block by block/taking it all back", referring to cleansing a neighborhood of drug dealers.) I went and got the tattoo done in an hour, showed them, and started drinking and eating cheese for the rest of the night (even though I was vegan at the time.) They stopped talking to me, and left shortly after.

I'm going to be getting a tattoo really soon that is based off of the anarchist atheist saying "No Gods, No Masters", but its gonna say "Dogs, No Masters" and have a kennel on fire and someone holding a leash with his brains blown out, and upside down crosses made of milk bones. I didn't think up that saying, though

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

More amazing back pieces

What happened to this angel's feet? Don't they look just like stumps? Also why is one angel stomping the other one's head? I think I see some horns on the bottom angel there, so maybe it's Lucifer being shown what's up.
Let me show you a wonderful trio of ridiculous back tattoos:

Now I know that this photo was taken mid-scabby-stage so I won't be *too* harsh about the quality of the tattooing here, because it's really hard to tell. HOWEVER, it's impossible to tell what's going on! I do see some flaming dice, and a '3', but what are the weird globby things on each shoulder? They look like rotting lettuce.

Okay, now this one just confuses me. I am under the assumption that it's not finished. The triangle thing on the left is one of the worst tattoos I've seen, but seems like a pretty explainable bad tattoo to get. The Japanese guy on the right is not actually that bad, and obviously isn't done yet. What REALLY baffles me though, is what is on the bottom. It looks like a scratched on sunbathing girl at the beach! IT CAN'T BE SO! sdlkfjslfjs! Amazing.

Check out Jan 10 Post !!

This was done a week before the Singapore Tattoo Convention 2009. I have updated on January 10th 2009. So, scroll down and take a look !!

Monday, 13 April 2009

Guess who is back ?!

A million apologies to the many who come to this site and only to be disappointed by not having to see any updates for a long time.

I have been busy, going through alot and trying to live a "life".

I will be updating real soon from the time when Singapore's 1st Tattoo Convention took place. Yep, it has been months !! Till this time - Where I died on the Blood, Sex & Ink Tour ...

Stay tuned, boys and girls.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Girl Tattoo for Prety Girl

Girl Tattoo for Prety Girl in Nice Design
Sexy Girl Star Tattoo Design

A little late, but hey!

I believe i promised to post a picture of the finished peacock sleeve.
I actually didn't think i'd have a chance to do it until after Japan, but whaddayaknow, Allan brought along the right memory card!

So here:

I'll post some fresh made in Japan tattoos here soon, in the meantime you can check out Allans blog, and mine, for updates about our Japanese adventures.