Friday, 27 March 2009

More stick-n-poke radness

Do you remember the post I did about the young man with the butterflies on his feet and the ridiculous home tattoos? Well, he showed me some photos of his friend's tattoos. And boy, are they ridiculous!

First up- booyah! arm!

This poor person has "booyah!" on their arm not once, but at least SEVEN TIMES! I can also see a pterodactyl, a ghost, and "USA GOES UNDEFEATED".

I wish I knew the story behind this one. "Saves Latin"??? ... maybe I don't really want to know.

And this. What is this? An alien-insect with patriotic wings riding a scooter with hello kitty with a mustache in the back? WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?

Seriously, the more I see tattoos like this, the more I shake my head and start to wonder if they are really works of genius instead of being the worst tattoos in the world.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Cats with no ears

I just took in two of the cutest cats ever, and so I have had cats on the brain lately. Because of this, I thought I'd do some searching for bad cat tattoos. I am SURE there are worse ones out here, but this is what I found- three cat tattoos without any ears. Why would you ever draw a cat without ears? It just makes them look like weird aliens!

This looks like a Lisa Frank drawing without the pizazz.

This is the most half-assed tattoo I have possibly ever seen. Why are the eyes sideways? Why are the whiskers blue? Where are the ears? So many unanswered questions!

This is a mix of the lady's five cats and some human (the right eye). Why the human has a lazy eye, I don't know. I also think the cat is actually the bark of a tree.

And finally, while not technically terrible, this butterfly-cat holding a flower and inexplicably wearing pants makes me laugh.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Japan, soon!

In less than two days we'll be off to Japan, our most favorite place in the world.
We're not sure what our internet situation will be like yet, but not to worry, we'll find a way to keep you guys updated.
In the meantime, Nick will be at home, watching the Conspiracy.
Make sure you drop by with some coffee once in a while, so he doesn't get too lonely.

Kyoto, last year
Tokyo, last year

Ps. We're back at work around the 28th of April, so if you need to contact us, please wait until after we're back.
I won't be booking any new clients for Allan while we're gone.

Bad chest tattoos

I think there is a trend of getting bad chest tattoos with bloody writing. Please tell me this isn't so, and it's just these three unfortunate dudes.

"All Hope Is Gone" -- not a very good thing to get when you're young (I cropped his face out of the photo, he looks like he is 17). Also what's the logo on the right? I assume these are bad lyrics of some sort.

"Blood Is Forever" -- I guess this is a way of celebrating family, but there is surely a much better way to do it. Also the bloody cracked Batman logo is an a+ addition there, buddy.

"Pull The Trigger Bitch" -- sdkjfhsdk I can seriously not think of a worse thing to get tattooed on your chest for all time. Do you think he will ever have sex with anyone ever again? I guess he'll just have to keep his shirt on indefinitely!

Monday, 16 March 2009

A PSA against home tattooing

I've posted some awesomely ridiculously terrible and rad stick-n-poke tattoos here in the past, and I will again. I have a soft spot for bad tattoos that friends do to each other. This one, however, is pretty inexcusable, and shows how home tattooing is generally a really really really really bad idea.

ow ow ow ow ow ow ow. This makes me hurt all over just looking at it. So scratchy!!!! I can't even imagine what it must look like healed. I think my favorite part is that he only has one eyeball.

More Zombies

Please excuse me for posting about my own tattoos so much this week, but I can't help myself! I'll post some legitimately terrible tattoos soon, don't worry!

You guys should all know by now that I am fascinated by flash tattoos and tattoos that come from the same drawing but look different. The tattoo I got on Friday was part of a Friday the 13th special, where you could get any flash zombie on a sheet for $40. I chose the classic coming-out-of-the-grave-zombie, and it turns out three of my friends went for the same thing. One of my friends and I got sxe zombies, my other two friends got the zombie as he was on the sheet. Here are all four zombies for comparison (done by three different artists, see if you can spot the two that were done by the same person).

Friday, 13 March 2009


I just got my thighs done. These are beyond awesome. Only the linework is done so far, but I'll get them finished next month. Done by the ever-awesome Myles Karr at Saved in Brooklyn, NY.

the placement is great

sxe god free zombie

So I finally did it. I finally got brainwashed by my bad tattoo blog and got a bad tattoo. AND I LOVE IT!

He is a straight edge god free zombie, in honor of Friday the 13th. I love him because he's just like all the rad old metal zombies that I looooooove and simultaneously make fun of on here. Done by Alex at Three Kings in Brooklyn, NY (who is an amazing tattoo artist, please do not for one second think that I am saying his work is bad!).

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Look, a wabbit!

Here's a sweet piece that Allan did oooon tuesday? Maybe?
Anyway, it's awfully cute, don't you think?

Kudos to our girl Sascha for sitting still for about four hours, good job!

When I go Loco ... !!

Alot of people ask me, why am I always so serious ? Some even tell me that I look scary !! Hahaha !! Well, I can be serious when I want to be and I can go Loco when I want to be....

So, here we go... This is "Hallucinating Elevators"..... Am sorry SARAH !! I had to do this !!

When Pain turns to someone else's Pleasure....

Pain is Temporary...Maybe?

I love this shot...So much emotions

And... I went LOCO !!

Shake on that, Sarah !!

The Session was over for that night, but not MINE !!

Gimme the Pussy !! Hahaha !!

I know I look like a Faggot !! So, What? Gonna bite me?

There are many pictures taken that night which are kinda too explicit for viewers. That explains why I am not even wearing my shirt.... So, we can go LOCO !! Beautiful Night it was.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Welcome to the lounge

Mondays aren't always bad.
Especially if you can hang out in a nice, warm shop all day.

Today i didn't even open my computer.
Instead i had a "do-random-practical-stuff-around-the-shop-and-also-drink-lost-of-coffee" day.
So, i hung some paintings and cleaned up in places that hadn't been cleaned in a while.
Stuff like that.

But this post isn't really about me and my non-eventful day (sigh of relief from all readers).
No, it's (mostly) about one the the things i put up on the wall.
See, our second customer of the day had made a super realistic portrait of Allan, as a present.
Nice, right? We thought so.
It's done on a computer or something like that, pretty fancy stuff.

Without further ado (there's been enough ado already, wouldn't you say?), i give you Johann's antlered masterpiece:

And here's the artist himself, at the end of what will possibly be the final session on his awesome, and now also signed, sleeve*

Ok, i did do one more thing on my "do-random-practical-stuff-around-the-shop-and-also-drink-lost-of-coffee" day that i wanted to blog about.
The other day me and Allan bought some seat cushions that i stitched together to make one large super cushion, and today we brought it/them to the shop.
It now lives in the workroom, where i've been hanging out all day, cause it's just so damn comfortable.
And it's right next to the radiator too, so it's super warm.
Tomorrow i'm putting up some blinds, so we don't have to drag the screen out from the back room every time someone has to get partially naked.

The new lounge area, featuring the new artwork. The baskets are for the customers clothes and other personal items (another new thing we're trying out)

*Check Allans blog for pictures of the finished tattoo, they should be on their way

Thursday, 5 March 2009

The gang's all here

Last week me and Allan went shopping at Tiger (an everything-for-10 kr. store we have here in Denmark) and there we found the last three "The Tick" action figures we were missing.
We've had Captain Liberty for some time now, and boy has it been lonely at the shop for her.

So, today, after eating a late dinner at the shop, we finally decided to take the three new ones out of the box and join their superhero buddy on the shelf of goodness and selfless deeds!

Nick adjusting Batmanuels cellphone, right under the no-cellphone sign
Here they come to save the daaaay!
Oh, and tattoos were also made at the shop today.
Here's what Nick did today and here's one of the three pieces Allan did.


... I really have no words. This guy got a disembodied arm tattooed on him. Amazing.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Decoration dreamin'

Ever since we decided that May was gonna be shop makeover month, i've been thinking about painting, putting up wallpaper (which i really hate doing, by the way), moving around the furniture, buying new stuff and putting up new art work.
But, to be honest, mostly wallpaper.
I pretty much wanna put up wallpaper everywhere.

This is the shop where we're gonna buy whatever wallpaper we decide to get.
They have a lot more at their showroom on Østerbro, but just looking at the website is pretty inspiring.

Maybe the shop will end up looking like this once we're done?
Or this?

Ok, maybe not, but there will be wallpaper and it will be magnificent!
And it's nice to have something AFTER Japan to look forward to.