Thursday, 26 February 2009

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We really, really HATE the new "followers" layout.
The old one was just fine, discreet even, and this new one is hideous, clumsy and doesn't go with the blogger look at all.
Please, please fix this.

Conspiracy Inc.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009


Part one of many more to come : I've decided to use this space to , among other things , post my work months at the shop so that if ever you were to drop by the Conspiracy to see me with some coffee (double espresso/black for me thanks) ... You'd know when to do it ! Smart right ? So I'll try to do this regularly , I was thinking every month !!

So if ever you happened to be in the hood ... My March schedule of attendance at the office of blood sweat and tears is :

Thursday the 26th of Feb. (from 2 till late)
Friday the 27th of Feb. (from 2 till late)
Thursday the 5th of March (from2 till late)
Friday the 6th of March (from 2 till late)
Thursday the 12th of March (from 2 till late)
Friday the 13th of March (from 2 till late)
Thursday the 19th of March (from 2 till very late)
Friday the 20th of March (from 2 till late)
Saturday the 21st of March (from 2 till not so late)
Thursday the 26th of March (from 2 till late)
Friday the 27th of March (from 2 till late)

For any other enquiry :

EP >>>>> Out !


One 8 hour shot done on my last trip to magical Hong Kong ! Behold the Mecha-Mao-Zilla !!

Sleeve started in 2007 and just finished and all touched-up las February 09 ! Ninja Thomas's war !!

One shot from the end of last year (08) ! This hot fish-maiden and her last meal !

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Blood, Sex and Ink !!

Immortal Tattoos, Singapore will be on a "BLOOD, SEX and INK" Tour to Melbourne, Australia

Make your bookings now as I have only limited myself to tattooing only 4 person a day over the course of first 18-20 days from -

22nd March 2009 - 10th April 2009 (Melbourne)

Email me Now !! -

Backpiece day at Conspiracy Inc.

First up Tina, who had her first session in a very, very long time.
As you can see, a large part is still not done, but she's pretty tough, so hopefully this piece will be finished in July.

And after her came Morten, who don't technically have a backpiece, more like a large back tattoo, but who cares!
This time they finished all the black, so with the help of some painkillers and Baldrian pills, the next session will hopefully be his last.
Up next, his arms.

More amazing wizards (dragon edition)

I'm seriously obsessed with wizard tattoos. Sorry if you guys are getting sick of them! Here are a bunch with their dragon buddies.

It looks like he's about to pitch all the magic onto his hand that's holding the orb, whereupon it will smash into one million pieces and doom the dragon to an eternity underground without his friends or family.

This dude is NOT HAPPY about the dragon's fiery flames. Not one bit.

Since when are wizards 100x bigger than dragons? I like the lightning bolts though.

"Alright, I want a dungeon. A deep, dark, scary dungeon, with a DRAGON and a huge SPIDER, and a lizard, and cobwebs, and an EVIL PLOTTING WIZARD with another dragon on his shoulder, and a CUTE BLUEBIRD and a HEART with a banner with my girlfriend's name on it and a bunch of FLAMES on the other side and some smoke all around everything. Okay?"

Sunday, 22 February 2009


Here's one of the four tattoos Allan did at the Milan convention last weekend.
Want more?
Go check out the rest here!

Friday, 20 February 2009

Booking news

I'm taking a brief break from booking clients for Uncle Allan.

Just so we're clear, we haven't stopped taking on new clients, it's just a small break from now and until we come back from Japan in late April.

So if you have a piece in progress that you need to finish, or you wanna start something new, please write us after April 28th at:
And please, as always, include this information in your mail:
Your full name
Phone number

Or come by the shop or call us at (+ 45) 33362277.

Alright, that's it for now!

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Angel Tattoos designs

Looking for your next tattoo? Well if you are then you will want to stay right here for a few minutes. You will find a ton of great angel tattoo designs and pics all organized into a gallery. Angel wings and angel tattoo are hot right now and only growing in popularity.

Angel tattoos - Great Angel tattoo design
Angel tattoos-Great angel tattoo design
Angel tattoos - Great Angel tattoo design

Angel tattoos - Great Angel tattoo design

Angel tattoos - Great Angel tattoo design
Beckham has his sons' names and a Guardian Angel tattooed on his back
Angel tattoos are great becuase they can be used by both men and women and can vary between sweet cherub angels to more menacing designs of guardian angel tattoo that are often done in black and white. It is also very common for people to get angel tattoos as a memorial of a loved one who has passed. This masculine angel covers most of this female’s back, with huge wings covering both the left and right hand side.Whatever your reasons are for considering an angel tattoo there is a wide vareity of styles and designs to choose from and angel tattoos make a wonderful finished work of art.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

My Friend Zak (when bad tattoos come full circle and become awesome, part II)

My friend Zak is quite possibly the coolest dude ever. He has great taste in music. He's super nice and friendly. He has a black belt in karate. He likes space and d&d and being awesome. And he is willing to share his ridiculous stick-n-poke tattoos with us.

In the same vein as this dude, Zak and his friends like to get tipsy and tattoo each other. And ridiculousness ensues.

I'm going to post his tattoos in installments, because they are just that amazing, so here is the first, of many.

Here's the story behind it, if I'm remembering correctly... he decided to get a wolf tattoo, because wolves are RAD (p.s. I have a bunch of amazing tribal wolf tattoos to share with you guys). However, no one could tattoo a wolf, so he just went with the word "WOLF!". Then, apparently, there's a Chinese saying "horse, horse, tiger, bear" which brings good luck, I think? So he went with writing those next to "WOLF!" to round out the tattoo. But the words kept getting progressively crappier as he went on, so you can barely read the last one.

This might be one of the worst tattoos I have ever seen, but it is also one of the best.

If you have a silly stick-n-poke tattoo, or have a friend who does, by all means EMAIL ME!

Eric Bali Tattoos - Girls Tattoos

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Palm Tattoos

Hand (Palm) Tattoo of Viking / Runes, 1 hour later by HeadOvMetal.Palm Tattoo Caused Hand Swelling by HeadOvMetal. />

i am sure that everyone here realizes by now that I am the ringer. Usually the ringer is a hidden expert, such as a well trained soprano, who sneaks into a school chorus and sings like an angel, and I am certainly not that, but instead I am here to hold down the end of this lecture series, and attempt to leave you with the pleasurable experience of looking at pictures, as some sort of antidote to all the spoken words that this class has depended upon. I have ended up here today because of a deep failing on my part, which manifests itself with my inability to keep my mouth shut. At a pleasant lunch one day last year at the President’s office Rick Levin and Tony Kronman, two of the lecturers in this series, were outlining their proposed DeVane lecture series to accompany the University’s Tercentennial celebration. They rolled off all the names of the distinguished Yale faculty members who would speak, and when they finished I couldn’t help pointing out that there wasn’t an artist among them, except for the presence of David Gelertner, and even he, I worried, would speak about the computer and democracy instead of art and democracy. My comment resulted, of course, in Tony and Rick calling me up a day or two later with an invitation to join the series.

" In most places it wouldn’t be surprising to find art left out of an academic discourse. Whenever curriculums are planned, and courses of study are laid out, visual art and its audio sibling music always hover at the fringes, ready to be cut or eliminated if the budget becomes tight. At Yale, however, this should never be the case, because in this institution we all believe that the pursuit and study of art are central to our examination of the world; art doesn’t hover at the fringes here, but instead shines brightly at the center of all our activities. Pictures, of course, have vital importance in the realm of art. This lecture series is about democracy, and the challenge for me is to attempt to describe the role of pictures in relation to this social construct. I have chosen pictures as the central subject because I have spent all my working days with them- making them, fixing them, wrecking them and reproducing them, and now I had been called upon to back up my love of these visual objects by making a compelling case for their importance in our society ".

Cool Piercings for your Trends and Style

cool Piercings - feel sexy with piercingcool Piercings - feel sexy with piercingcool Piercings - feel sexy with piercingcool Piercings - feel sexy with piercingcool Piercings - feel sexy with piercingcool Piercings - feel sexy with piercingcool Piercings - feel sexy with piercingcool Piercings - feel sexy with piercing

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Girls Feel Sexy With Tattoos

animal_tattoo_designTattoo Design for Girl

Sexy Girl with Blue Pretty Tattoo

Find out which members think tattooed girls is hot and what they are saying want to have Tattoo? with pretty picture. Girls are always asking Tattoos man , what tattoos they should get or what I think are the hottest?

Wizards with triangle things on their hats

You guys probably know by now how much I love bad tattoos that are all from the same book/ piece of flash/ google search. I especially feel this way about wizard tattoos. I collect photos of wizard tattoos and then try to match them up. It's amazing how many are alike! This is the largest collection of matching wizards I have so far. Enjoy.

This one has a sketch next to it, but it can't be the original.

I love how they are all the same, but have their own little personalities...

... like "mild" written over the nipple, for example.

And finally one in color! I can't decide if the color makes this bad tattoo more or less awesome. There's something about the classic black and white wizard that I really love, but I think anything magical really deserves to be in color.

I'm sure there are many more wizards-with-triangle-things-on-their-hats out there, I just have to find them. If you know of anyone with one of these, or know where they might come from, please let me know!